JGH Rehab


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This AquaJogger is ideal for cross training, water aerobics, injury prevention/recovery, and weight loss. Used to suspend body vertically in deeper water or to maintain horizontal positioning in shallow water. Also permits full upper/lower range of motion for complete cardio/aerobic workouts.

The Aquajogger Belt Support is a buoyant elastic belt that supports the lower back during water exercise with a comfortable yet snug fit. It features a quick-release buckle for safety. 12 exercise ideas are also included.

The Aquajogger AquaRunners RX is a new one-size, deep-water resistance footwear. The X-strap system custom-fits all sizes of feet and legs. Combine these with the AquaJogger belt to increase resistance and drag. These will accelerate the toning of muscles, as well as build cardiovascular capacity and endurance.

  • Adjustable 48” elastic belt
  • Universal fit
  • Instruction handbook included
  • Aquajogger AquaRunners RX sold separately