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Foot Scientific Elevate 360 Foot Drop Brace (Canada Wide Availability. Ontario Residents, please refer to the SaeboStep))

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FootScientific has teamed with innovative foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Robert Faux. and his drop foot patients were unsatisfied with the comfort and/or durability of available bracing options. Under his design guidance, the Elevate® Drop Foot Brace was created with these needs in mind. This brace is inconspicuous and versatile, yet very stable and comfortable.

The Elevate Drop Foot Brace is so versatile; sleek and stylish, it can be worn comfortably with the majority of male or female shoe styles on the market — even sandals!

And unlike most drop-foot braces available online, the Elevate® brace is durable. The Lace and Boa® Fit System (which customizes the lift of the shoe) will hold weights that by far exceed any pressure or pull that can be applied to the brace.

Our revolutionary design is highly customized to your need and liking. Elevate is licensed with the easy to use with the award winning Boa® Fit System. This allows the patient to lift their foot to the desired level and release tension and/or readjust the height at any given time during the day.