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PERFORMANCE Non Medical Compression Stockings

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FootSientific understands the value of proper and comfortable graduated compression.  We did not want to produce one more “pretty-good” compression sock. 

As with all our products, FootScientific took two full years in research and development of our compression socks - so that we can present the very best mid-leg compression solutions available.  

One thing your going to love right away is the roomy toe box.  There is no reason that your toes need to feel squashed together in order to get the full value of graduated compression through the leg.  In surveying doctors, this was the number one complaint their patients had regarding current products. 


Innovative Features

  • Three graduated compression options depending on your need
  • Silver anti-microbial threading to combat foot odor
  • Soft underbelly for the bottom of your foot
  • Snug arch support that blends into the graduated schematic.
  • Comfortable materials that still reach to required compression.


High-end Graduated Compression Sock such as FootScientific’s have been shown to:

  • Sharpen performance
  • Speed recovery
  • Reduce the chance of thrombosis/ blood clotting/blockage
  • Reduce pain from varicose veins and other sources of leg ache
  • Reduce swelling in feet