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Reach N’ Range Overhead Pulley

Roylan Reach N’ Range Overhead Pulley is designed to increase upper extremity range of motion and strength. Ideal for use following shoulder injury, CVA, and peripheral nerve injury. The overhead pulley can be used with weights (not included) on one handle to counterbalance strength of the opposite extremity.

Increases Range of Motion

Designed to fit standard or thick doors, the pulley system with over the door anchor can be easily closed into the door jamb. Reach N’ Range creates an effective rehabilitation station to allow free range of motion patterns, such as PNF patterns. The overhead pulley can also assist elderly individuals who have difficulties balancing.

Easily Fits in Any Door Jamb

The pulley wheel provides smooth rope guidance to improve range of motion and build muscle after shoulder surgeries or serious shoulder injuries. These conditions include arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, bursitis and other impingement issues. Easy to assemble and store when not in use, the pulley system features include an adjustable ROM stop, padded contoured handles, and adjustable rope length.

  • Similar to those used in physical therapy offices, the Reach N’ Range Overhead Pulley makes it easy to continue your rehabilitation program at home
  • Comfortable, thick, and adjustable foam handles are easy to grip and can be tightened around the rope to increase or decrease rope length
  • Designed for individuals with upper extremity disabilities and/or use wheelchairs, the wheel glides back and forth smoothly for continuous use
  • Slip resistant weights (not included) can be added as strength improves to allow more freedom for PNF patterns
  • The overhead pulley includes (2) padded handles, (2) pulleys, and attachment bracket that extends out from the door