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Sammons Preston Hip Kit III

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Hip Precautions and Assistive Devices

Sammons Preston Hip Kit III includes five essential items to help avoid bending at the hip. These items include Hani-Reacher, Sock Notch, Round Bath Sponge, Dressing Stick, and Shoehorn. This kit is recommended for the patient recovering from total hip replacement surgery.

Ideal for Hip Replacement Recovery

The kit is designed for patients with limited body movement, arthritis, and lack of muscle control. It allows for patients to get dressed and bathe more independently. The complete set includes many of the items that the user will need for physical therapy.

Helps Avoid Bending or Overreaching

To prevent injury to the hip and surrounding tissues after surgery, it is necessary to take certain precautions. Some movements are restricted until you are fully healed. These hip precautions aid with dressing and bathing, helping eliminate strain and reduce the risk of further injuries.