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Spine Retrax.

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Relieve Neck and Back Pain in Minutes!

A Versatile Pain Relieving Device That Helps Strengthen And Stretch Muscles

Do you need an alternative method to alleviate your pain? Add Spine Retrax to your workout routine and find pain relief by strengthening and stretching your neck and back muscles!

It was designed with help from Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank’s chiropractor.

 Kevin is now part owner in the company.

Here is testimonial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1He_1RHdiQc

Experience Better Posture With Spine Retrax!

Spine Retrax has revolutionized posture therapy using natural strength building and stretching methods that anyone can do! Spend just 10 minutes a day using Spine Retrax and be amazed at the results!