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Professional Exercise Station

TheraBand Exercise Station combines strength, balance, and flexibility exercises into one convenient system for fitness and therapy. The high impact polyethylene platform allows easy progression of exercises by increasing the challenge or resistance of the exercise. TheraBand Exercise Station eliminates the need for multiple weights, barbells, or dumbbells of varying resistance. Lightweight and stackable, the rubber feet on the bottom of the exercise station reduces slipping on hard surfaces.

Base with Six Connection Points

The base is designed with six connection points. These connection points allow tubing to be attached at a variety of locations. The center cavity fits all popular exercise ball sizes as well as TheraBand Stability Trainers, Rocker Boards, and Wobble Boards. The station includes two of each color TheraBand Resistance Tubing with Clip Connectors in three progressive levels (Red, Green, Blue) and three lengths (12", 18", 24"). Replacement resistance tubing can be purchased separately.

Progressive Elastic Resistance

The system was designed to integrate the use of progressive elastic resistance for strength training with exercise balls, fitness steps, and stability trainers. TheraBand Exercise Station includes multiple accessories: one 36” padded exercise bar, two assist straps, and two exercise handles with D-ring connectors. For additional help, the station is equipped with a full color poster with 24 exercises and safety instructions.