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Continuous Loop Advantage

TheraBand Professional Resistance Band Loops are designed to provide convenient and lasting resistance through various strength and flexibility exercises. People often try to tie flat resistance bands together but often risk rubbing, snapping, or tearing the bands. TheraBand provides the Resistance Band Loop specifically for exercises that call for a continuous band of resistance, so users can perform exercises with convenience and without risk of tear.

Easy and Portable Rehabilitation

The TheraBand Professional Resistance Band Loops are an easy to use, portable exercise tool that can be used anywhere. They are ideal for clinical or personal use that can be used in home or taken on the go. Rehabilitate muscles by performing strength and flexibility exercises with just a single resistance loop.

Gradual Increase of Strength

TheraBand offers Band Loops with four different levels of resistance that can be used for various exercises. Users can gradually build strength and flexibility by starting at a lower resistance and working towards more difficult bands. They can also use different colored resistance band loops to target different areas of the lower body and change out the bands based on specific exercises.

  • Continuous loop resistance bands are ideal workout and therapy tools to rehabilitate muscles, increase strength, and improve flexibility in the lower extremities
  • 3 inch wide bands can be used for a variety of exercises that target the glutes, knees, and hips
  • Offered in 3 lengths that measure 8, 12, or 18 inches when laying flat
  • Color coded based on varying resistance levels that range from 3 - 5.8 pounds at 100% elongation
  • Lightweight elastic bands are designed in a loop to eliminate the need to tie traditional bands