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Professional Resistance Tubing with Handles

TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing with Handles is perfect for upper & lower body exercises, conditioning, rehabilitation, and fitness purposes. These resistance training aids provide an easy-to-use alternative to free weights & dumbbells that can be used in a variety of environments. This tubing is convenient and portable product made to be used in the clinic, at-home, or on-the-go. This resistance tubing makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easier than ever before and includes the added convenience of attached handles for a ready-to-use solution.

Resistance Exercises

The portable design of our TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing with Handles allows you to do quick resistance exercises virtually anywhere you go. These bands are designed to be used for lower-body, back, chest, shoulder, arm and core exercises. Whether you are doing a quick 30 minute resistance based exercise or plan to incorporate your new band into your current workout plan, this product is easy-to-use and a must-have. Choose between a variety of resistance options and as you gain strength progress to the next resistance level.

Professional Quality and Design

The use of resistance tubing has never been made easier. The design of this product features two large handles that are effortless to hold or slip over feet and ankles for lower body exercises. The tubing itself varies in thickness based on resistance level, but is made to withstand long and intense workouts.

The 3 Pack consist of All 3 stages of Recovery.  Early, Middle and Continued.  The 3 Pack offers a wider range of Resistance to meet your ability on any given day, depending on how you feel.  Highly Recommended!!