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TheraBand Stability Disc

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Specially Designed Stability Disc

The TheraBand Stability Disc is a high-quality, durable training tool specially designed to offer intensity and instability to your current exercises, strength training and rehabilitation. This product is the most challenging of all TheraBand stability products. The design of this multi-purpose balance disc is made to be used as a progressive stability product, effective core exerciser and seat cushion for your home, work or travel. Each disc comes inflated and ready for your intended use and does not require an inflator.

Professional-Grade Quality

This stability disc is 13” in diameter and is constructed of durable PVC. The wipe-clean surface allows for easy sanitation between exercises or rehabilitation for shared or personal usage. This product features a dual surface that allows you to pick the surface of your choice based on intended use. The unstable and sensory-stimulating surface facilitates automatic postural reactions while sitting. This feature helps activate core muscles and encourages proprioception during exercise, active sitting or dynamic sitting.

Stability and Strength Exercises

Designed to be used for a variety of purposes this stability disc is excellent for all around training and more. Use this disc for balance and proprioception training, core, upper and lower extremity strength and stability training and ankle range of motion and flexibility training. In addition, you are able to use this product for sport-specific training, sensorimotor training, closed kinetic chain exercises, targeted injury prevention and total body conditioning. Whether you are at home or traveling, this stability disc allows you to take your exercises on-the-go.