Alcohol after Stroke


Many people ask if they are able to, or should they to drink Alcohol after they suffered a Stroke? 

Well, here are the facts that you should be aware of before the Christmas season is upon us.

What you need to know

After a stroke, your doctor can tell you:

1. If and when you can drink Alcohol, so CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE CONSUMING ALCOHOL.

2. How much Alcohol you can drink. Because drinking Alcohol can increase your risk of having another Stroke. 

3. Alcohol can increase the impact of changes:  To speech, thinking, vision and balance caused by your first stroke.

4. If fatigue is an issue for you, Alcohol may make it worse.

5. Alcohol can interfere with some medicines. It can be harmful if you are taking Warfarin: Purpose, Side Effects, and Management (

6. Drinking Alcohol increases your risk of developing AF. If you have AF, Alcohol causes more frequent episodes of AF. If you have AF, talk with your doctor about Alcohol.

7. High blood pressure. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to high blood pressure.

 Normal Blood Pressure Range

Age Average Low High
15 to 19 years 117/77 105/73 120/81
20 to 24 years 120/79 108/75 132/83
25 to 19 years 121/80 109/76 133/84
30 to 34 years 122/81 110/77 134/85
35 to 39 years 123/82 111/78 135/86
40 to 44 years 125/83 112/79 137/87
45 to 49 years 127/84 115/80 139/88
50 to 54 years 129/85 116/81 142/89
55 to 59 years 131/86 118/82 144/90
60 to 64 years 134/87 121/83 174/91


8. Unhealthy weight. Reducing the amount of Alcohol you drink will help you get to and maintain a healthy weight.


9. Uncontrolled diabetes. Drinking Alcohol can make it harder to control blood sugar levels.

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