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This article was posted in the Saebo International Newsletter, explaining how Stroke Survivor, and JGH Rehab Co- Founder, Guy Harvey, met and became affiliated with Saebo Co- Founder Henry Hoffman

This is guy one year later after marrying Jane Cliff. Both Guy and Jane decided to change JGH from a renovation and construction company to a rehabilitation and consulting company, in an effort to help other stroke survivors.

JGH Rehab is Health Canada Certified as an Importer and Distributor of Class I Devices to Canada, and a Distributor of Class II Devices within Canada (Medical Device Establishment #9838).

JGH Rehab is a Canadian owned and operated company, by a Canadian stroke survivor.

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More Help: Free Exercise Guide

A great step to help start, or continue your recovery is by implementing regular exercises into your routine. Here is a free exercise guide to get you started: Free Exercise Guide (Ensure you consult your physician before starting any exercise program)

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