We must know the difference between Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills in order to accomplish the activities of daily living.  Once you understand the difference, you will know how to target each in your Home Rehab Program

Below we explain the difference in the two and the different tools that you can use to hone these Skills.

Gross motor skills involve big muscle movements like Walking and Balance.  

Fine motor skills involve small muscle movements like Typing on the computer, or picking up small objects such as coins, pens or paperclips.

When doing your Home Rehab, it's important to target both types of motor skills, and this is where the Wii FitBalance Board and Wii Sports and the SaeboGlove can help.

 The Wii Fit, Sports with Balance Board, helps with gross motor skills while the SaeboGlove helps with fine motor skills.

I started using the Wii Fit, Balance Board and SaeboStep, for 30-45 minutes a day to help improve my Balance / Hand / Eye Coordination and Stamina, and I will incorporate the SaeboFlex into my daily routine as the season changes, to fine tune my Shoulder / Arm / Hand / Finger dexterity. 

I use the SaeboFlex because of my high level of Spasticity, but I am hoping to eventually graduate to the SaeboGlove.

They're simply better together, the SaeboStep will help keep your affected foot flat on the Balance Board, resulting in more BALANCE, which will ultimately, improve your Walking, stamina and Gait, plus with the new SaeboStep, you can put it on or don it using only one hand, in less then 45 seconds.

Save $75.00 when you bundle the Wii Fit Gaming System with Balance Board / Wii Sports and the SaeboGlove or SaeboStep.

This would most likely be a great switch up to your Home Rehab Program and help target both the Gross and Fine Motor Skills, on your road to Recovery.  Simply use Coupon Code MOTORSKILLS to receive $75.00 off your purchase