JGH Rehab's 4 Post Stroke Must Have's

In May of 2016, I suffered two Strokes, within a two-week period. Since then, we have formed the company JGH Rehabilitation and Consulting Services Limited. 

We are now an Importer and Distributor of Medical Devices to Canada, holding a MDEL, and registered with Health Canada.

Our main goal is to make people aware of the preventive measures of having a Stroke, the warning signs that you may be having a Stroke, and if you or a loved one does have a Stroke, the must have devices to
aid in your/their recovery. These observations and/or suggestions, are based on experience and research. We have pulled together the resources of several international companies, and will stock these kits in Ontario, and have them ready to ship across Canada, within 24 hours.

Most people do not understand that muscles, joints and tendons begin changing or shortening, within hours of a Stroke. It is extremely critical that the main joints, tendons and muscle groups are protected, to avoid further damage. These include the wrist and fingers, by using the SaeboStretch, a Dynamic Hand Splint. A Shoulder Sling, designed for the SaeboStretch to fit in, while protecting the shoulder from subluxation, which is painful and hard to repair. A Plantar Fascilitis Stretch Night Splint  to prevent tendon shortening in the foot/ankle/Achilles tendon. Lastly, a reliable, proven Foot
Drop Brace for foot drop, which occurs in 90% of Stroke Survivors, the SaeboStep.

My Stroke was over 4 years ago. I still use my SaeboStretch as a night splint, and my SaeboStep for foot drop. I still have Subluxation in my left or affected shoulder (I never had the correct Sling).

There are many other great devices out there that will aid in Stroke Recovery. These are just the four must haves. As you recover, we will be with you every step of the way.


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