The importance of Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS

People do not realize the importance of Electrical Muscle Stimulation, when it comes to Muscle Re-education, maintaining Range of Motion, or ROM, and reducing Spasticity, once you suffer a Brain injury, from a Stroke, ABI, TBI, or if you are dealing with MS, ALS, or other Neurological condition.

Plus, don't get TENS and EMS confused.  TENS is for managing Pain only.  EMS, will re-educate your muscles, keep your ROM, and Reduce your Spasticity, which is what you are looking for.

For instance, the muscles and tendons in your body begin to change within hours of suffering a Stroke.  EMS, will help control or slow down the STS, or Soft Tissue Shortening, and tendons from shortening.

Check with your PT/OT, or Physician to see if EMS is right for you.  I use EMS, on my hand wrist and fingers everyday as part of my Home Rehab Program. 

I am now 5 years Post Stroke, and my Left and Right Hand, Arm, Wrist and Fingers, relatively look the same.  I credit EMS and my SaeboStretch for this

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