The SaeboFlex or SaeboGlove? What you need to know.

Two great Hand Rehabilitation tools readily available at JGH Rehab, are the SaeboGlove and the SaeboFlex.  Here is the difference in both devices, or the Pros and Cons.

1.  Which device is best suited for you. 

If you have little or no Spasticity / Tone in your affected hand or finger flexors, the SaeboGlove is best for you.  If you have moderate to severe Spasticity / Tone in your affected hand, or finger flexors then the SaeboFlex is better suited for you

2.  Price.

SaeboGlove: $410.00 Canadian dollars

SaeboFlex:  $805.00 Canadian dollars

3.  Sizing:

SaeboGlove:  Four simple measurements that you can do at home.  Simply take the measurements, and use the sizing chart and determine the correct size for you.  If you are unsure of the size after taking your measurements, simply contact us at

SaeboFlex:  You must be assessed, measured and fitted by a Saebo Trained      Technician.  We have numerous Saebo Trained Technicians, throughout Ontario.  Simply contact us for the one nearest you, at

If you are an OT, PT or other Medical Professional living in Canada, and want to become a Saebo Trained Technician, contact us at  This is an online study course, with a Lab portion that we will assist you with.


4.  Practicality.

SaeboGlove:  This device can be used in retraining your hand through various exercise programs, at Rehab clinics or at home.  Then it can be worn throughout the day, to perform common indoor or outdoor activities, such as opening and closing the cupboard doors or gardening, where the SaeboGlove will hold your wrist in a functional position while assisting you with the opening of your hand.

SaeboFlex:  This device is mainly used in exercise programs at rehab clinics or at home, in an effort to retrain the brain, to grasp and release objects through repetition.  The SaeboFlex is not practical to use in performing indoor or outdoor activities.

30 Day Risk Free Trial

SaeboGlove:   In Canada, we now have a 30 day Risk Free Trial on the SaeboGlove.  Contact us at for details.

SaeboFlex:  This is a custom fitted device and we are not in the position at this time to offer a 30 Day Risk Free Trial.  However, we are hoping to have this program up and running with the SaeboFlex within the next 6-8 months.

Should you decide to purchase either the SaeboGlove or SaeboFlex, recovery results vary based on client commitment, the severity of  the injury / stroke, and the individual's Neuroplasticity.  However we believe, and studies have shown that recovery ends when your desire to recover ends.  If you want to recover, you will always push yourself to recover.