The SaeboStep.

The SaeboStep consists of a lightweight, uniquely designed foot drop brace that provides convenience and comfort while offering optimum foot clearance and support during walking. The Saebo Step was designed to replace uncomfortable, stiff, or bulky splints that go inside the shoe as well as poorly manufactured braces designed for outside of the shoe that lack support and durability.

When I was in Rehab, my PT put a Foot Drop brace on my affected foot, however the brace was clumsy, the hooks kept falling off and the rubber straps would stretch, allowing my toes to touch the floor, so they had to put a sock over my shoe so it would slide and not stick to the floor. 

It was also a nightmare for Jane to put on my foot, and very frustrating for her.

The SaeboStep is a much better Foot Drop Brace, and much easier to put on, and you can wear it with any type of footwear, from sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, and even high heels.  The supplier also has a tool called the Crop A Dial that makes a hole to secure the anchor, making it easy to correct Inversion or Eversion. 

It has been referred to as the Best Solution for Foot Drop, when Foot Drop doesn't improve.

I wear my SaeboStep at the beach or in the pool, (using the SaeboStep in the water may not be recommended, but I have been using mine in the pool or at the beach for over 4 years now, without a problem.  If I do have a problem, I will simply purchase another one.  I would rather to be safe then sorry.)