The SaeboStretch is in my opinion, the single most important device for Stroke Survivors, or for clients who suffer from Spasticity, caused by a Neurological condition or injury, such as ABI, TBI, MS, ALS or CP. 
How do I know?
I suffered two Strokes in May of 2016, and it was the first device that I received at Toronto Rehab.  The SaeboStretch helped keep my Stroke affected arm, hand and fingers in the proper protected position, while keeping my wrist in the correct flexed position, that protected everything from joint damage and soft tissue shortening, especially while I slept.
This has been so important in my continuing home rehab, and when used with Electrical Muscle Stimulation, the Spasticity in my hand, wrist and fingers, is almost non existent.  I have almost full Range Of Motion, without Contractures, or any other deformity that Spasticity may have otherwise caused.
We carry the SaeboStretch and our Phase 5 TENS / EMS Combo, and we are currently having a Spasticity Combo Special, and you receive 15% off at checkout when you use the Coupon Code found in the link below. 
Here is some more information on the SaeboStretch.
  • The revolutionary SaeboStretch dynamic resting hand splint helps neurologically-impaired clients maintain or improve motion while minimizing joint damage and pain.
  • Saebo’s energy-storing technology allows individuals suffering from spasticity to stretch comfortably and safely resulting in increased motivation and compliance.
  • The SaeboStretch includes three interchangeable dynamic handpieces that can accommodate various levels of spasticity.
  • Check out this video. It explains everything you need to know about the SaeboStretch from Saebo's very own Dr. Scott Thompson.
  • SaeboStretch - A Dynamic Resting Hand Splint - Frequently Asked Questions - YouTube


  • Pediatric Sizes are now Available!

    The SaeboStretch is now available in 5 sizes (XXS-L).

  • To ensure you have the correct size, please see the sizing chart at JGH Rehab or see the sizing chart on in the link above.
  • The SaeboStretch has a dynamic handpiece that allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by postural changes, associated reactions, and increased tone. It then gradually repositions the fingers into extension. It includes three different handpieces that offer various grades of resistance. The SaeboStretch has comfortable non-slip cover and straps to keep fingers in the desired position, adjustable thumb system to allow for radial and palmar adduction/abduction, and special padding to help maintain the integrity of the palmer arch.

Here is some information on the Phase 5 TENS / EMS Combo.

Manufactured right here in Ontario Canada, and Health Canada Approved. 

Here are the features of the Phase 5.

- Hard Plastic Carrying Case

- TENS option is for Pain Management

- EMS option for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.  EMS aids in Muscle Re-education, Increase or Maintain Range Of Motion and help Reduce Spasticity

- 9 volt Battery

- 2 lead wires

- 1 4pk of 2"x2" stick on pads / Electrodes

- Pad placement Chart, for both the TENS and EMS option.

- Instruction Manual

- One year warranty.

The Phase 5 is also very user friendly, and we offer both online and phone support, for any issues you may have.

We also have replacement Electrodes or pads on sale for $60.00 when you purchase 10 4pks. This is a saving of $1.95 per pack.  

This should be enough pads to last you 6-8 months or longer, depending on how much you use your device or how you store your pads when you are not using them.