Wii video game Therapy for Stroke Survivors

 As part of my Home Therapy when I finished my out-patient Rehab, we purchased a Wii gaming system and Wii Sports.  This really helped me regain Balance, Hand/Eye Coordination, and practice weight shifting.

However we just purchased a Wii Balance Board and the Wii Fit Game.  Now this really showed me how much Balance I did not have!  It is a great system, and I am incorporating the Wii Balance Board / Wii Fit into my Fall, Winter and Spring Home Therapy.

I still have all my basic exercises, Stretching, Recumbent Bike, SaeboFlex, Electrical Muscle Stimulation to improve or maintain my ROM, but the Wii gaming system really helps make Therapy fun and keeps you engaged, and you find yourself always trying to beat your high score, which tracks your progress.

The Wii Sports was great in the beginning, but the Wii Balance Board is more challenging, at this stage in my recovery.  However, there are some games where I am not comfortable playing without having something reliable nearby to grab if I lose my balance, so it really is a work in progress. 

You have to make SAFETY the main focus of your Home Rehab Program.  If you fall you can set yourself back months, and nobody wants that.

Here are some videos of the Wii Gaming System, and if you are in Canada, we carry the complete system, ready to ship to you.  Check us out at JGH Rehab

However, you can always find your own on Facebook Marketplace or E-Bay.

JGH Rehab gives the Wii gaming system a 9 out of 10 ranking for every stage of Recovery. 


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