ANTICIPATION lead to DREAMS which lead to DESIRE plus WORK with REPETITION will lead to RESULTS

RESULTS will vary with every Stroke Survivor.  But if you break a link in that chain, your odds just dropped. Like Wayne Gretzky, the Greatest Hockey Player to ever play the game once said, "You will miss 100% of the shots you don't take".  So the name of the game is keep taking shots!

When I was at Inpatient Rehab, many Stroke Survivors came and went while I was there, and I remained in a wheelchair.  My gift when I left Rehab, a brand new Wheelchair.  Honestly, I cried like a baby.

That was when I made a decision.  I was not going to remain in that wheelchair.  Jane assured me, don't worry, that's only temporary.  When I left Rehab, I could stand unassisted for 56 seconds, that was my HIGH SCORE. I ANTICIPATED that I would walk again on my own.

When I got home, I would practice Sit to Stands, and once on my feet, with a rail on my strong side, I would try and beat my HIGH SCORE, 56 seconds.  When that got to easy, Jane placed a one inch high book, under my strong leg to force weight on my left or weak leg.  I would take a couple of steps around the house, under her strict guidelines and rules, which I usually broke.

When I went to Outpatient Rehab, about a month after I got home, Jane wheeled me in, in my new wheelchair.  I worked hard at Rehab, and practiced everyday, being sure to complete all of those SIMPLE, STUPID EXERCISES, they gave me at Rehab.  About 10 weeks later I walked in and out of Rehab, and later donated my wheelchair to our Church.  I now walk several kilometers a day, and my balance is getting better and better, even 5 years post stroke.

Seeing or Anticipating things in your mind, is a very powerful tool.  

Pre Stroke, I would fish and hunt in Newfoundland, my home Province.  I would ANTICIPATE hooking an Atlantic Salmon every time I cast the Fly across the water.  I could see it in my mind's eye, and it would be that ANTICIPATION that led to my DREAM of hooking a fish, which led to my DESIRE.  That made it easy to crawl out of bed at 3 am, pack a shore lunch, drive for an hour, walk another 20 minutes through the woods in the light of a flashlight, while swatting away Mosquitos, only to walk out in a major Salmon River, with Chest Waders on, in waist deep water, with the hope of hooking or catching an Atlantic Salmon.  I would watch intently, with every cast across the water, to see the flash of silver, or a movement on the water, as the Salmon rose for my fly.  I would cast for hours and hours, and most times, success!  The Salmon would grab the fly, and sometimes I won the fight, sometimes I lost, but because of the repetitive action, I received a RESULT.  But make no mistake, it all starts with ANTICIPATION.

If you had seen me late one afternoon, getting into my car, with a fresh Atlantic Salmon in my hand,  after the 20 minute walk back up through the mosquito infested  woods, you may think to yourself, that guy was pretty lucky today, when in reality, luck had very little to do with it.

The same can be said for most recoveries from a STROKE.  Some great Stroke recovery stories are a result of being at the right place at the right time, and getting medical attention quickly.  If this is you, congratulations!!  You are very Fortunate and Blessed, and part of a minority.

Most Stroke recoveries are a result of the Stroke Survivor's ANTICIPATION, to get better, they DREAM of getting better, which gives them the DESIRE to work hard every day, doing the same exercises, looking for a RESULT.  So if you meet a fellow Stroke Survivor who has recovered well, it is most likely from a lot of hard work, plus repetition, repetition, repetition.  It most likely has absolutely nothing to do with luck. 

Always try to beat your HIGH SCORE

This may seem silly to some but this is backed up by science, as you can find attached, in SaeboMind, along with a coup[le Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing videos that I couldn't help but share.  I still ANTICIPATE, getting back to Newfoundland next year, and fishing for Atlantic Salmon, from my brother's boat.  I will DREAM of catching another Atlantic Salmon over the winter months, by obviously modifying the whole process, including a one arm casting system that I found, (see video attached) with help from my family and friends, and with repetitive casting, I may get Lucky, or maybe luck will have very little to do with it.  Even if I don't, I will have a lot of fun trying.


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