We all want or strive for the biggest thing that we lost, because of a Stroke, ABI, TBI, or other Neurological condition, our INDEPENDANCE

Because of my Stroke, the simple things such as buttoning my shirt, pulling up my zipper, cutting my food, dressing myself, cutting up fruit and vegetables for dinner, opening up a can of tuna we all taken away from me, which, for me,  having to get Jane to cut up my steak at the dinner table or at a Restaurant, was both frustrating and embarrassing.

So it was our quest to find items, that I could use with only one hand that would give me some independence.  We have found many products, tips or tricks, that have really helped me over the past 5 years, and we have made them readily available on our website for purchase.  The tips and tricks are free.  Our goal is to get back to normal or as close to normal as possible, but this takes time.  To help you bridge the gap while you are trying to reach your goal, we have found the products listed below, and you can find them at  Order your items today.  All products are stocked and shipped from Ontario Canada.

The thing that Jane wanted to be sure of was that, I could wear nice pants/jeans and absolutely no Velcro sneakers.  The first thing was Stretch Jeans or Pants, should be your best friend.  I own one pair of Track Pants, with the elastic waist.  Everything else is made of a Polyester blend that allows the material to stretch.  There was a time when the only place we could find it was at American Eagle, but  this can now be found almost anywhere you buy clothes, if it doesn't stretch, put it back on the Rack, and walk away. 

Jane even came up with a simple elastic system that I have on every pair of pants, jeans, and shorts, that allow me to pull up my pants / shorts with one hand, and more importantly STAY UP.  She purchased the elastic straps at the Dollar Store, and weaves her magic in seconds.  It keeps the pants up, is very discreet, and once in place does not come off, even when washing them.  This is a simple procedure, that I will be putting on our website in the near future at  It is a game changer!  Simple, Cheap and Effective. 

We then found that SKETCHERS, have a very comfortable, affordable sneaker, without laces, that I am able to slip on myself, and are very stable both inside the house and outdoors.  We found them for only $39.99 per pair.  I have two pairs.  Jane tried them on and liked them so much that she has 3 or 4 pairs. We do not have these in stock but found them at COSTCO.

The first assistive device we found was the KNORK.  This little tool allows you to cut through Steak, Pork Chops etc., while still being able to safely eat salad.  I have 4 in our Cutlery drawer, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, with a backup in case I drop it during mealtime.  I have eaten almost every meal with my KNORKS over the past 3 years.  It is strong, dishwasher safe, and almost indestructible.  We have recently found a Stainless Steel Rocker Knife, for those really thick steaks.  I have not used the ROCKER KNIFE yet, but it really looks promising, and should work great.  See the video at the bottom.

Next we have the SAMMONS PRESTON 26" LONG DLX DRESSING STICK.  This is also a new item that I have not used, but seems practical while dressing.  The dressing stick is finished with lacquer and has a reinforced hook. In addition to dressing, the stick can also be used to push or pull objects. See attached video at the bottom.

Then to assist you with buttons and zippers we have the Zipper and Button Puller.  Two aids in one: The hook answers buttoning needs. The zipper pull attaches to hard-to-handle zipper tabs, making it easier to zip. Adds leverage to small zippers. Latex free.  See the video at the bottom.

Then, if you are tired of chasing bread around with your butter knife, or if you cannot hold the vegetable or fruit in place to cut / slice it, or if the bowl that you are trying to mix the ingredients in keeps sliding across the counter, we have the solution for you.  It is a new product, and we just assembled mine, but it looks like Jane may trust me to use Glass Bowls again, and sharp knives.  This tool has it all.  The Deluxe one handed Paring Board.  See the video at the bottom for this gem.  In stock and ready to ship.

For personal care we have a ECONOMY ONE HAND NAIL CARE. Both nail care sets are built for people who can only use one hand or have weak grip. The Deluxe model has a large base with a pivoting nail clipper. The base has an arched ramp for different finger thicknesses. On each side of the base, there are replaceable emery boards; one horizontal and one vertical. They can be removed by unscrewing the thumb screws. The Economy model has a smaller nail clipper and attached strip of filing paper.  We carry the Economy model.

If you want another option then try this ONE HANDED NAIL CLIPPER / TRIMMER.  This one-handed nail clipper is a convenient grooming accessory for individuals that need assistance in trimming nails. This durable nail clipper includes non-skid bumpers that prevent sliding and makes it very easy to use with only one hand. Lever requires gentle pressure to easily clip nails.

Another new product for opening cans is The One Touch Can Opener  The One Touch Can Opener is great for anyone who is tired of opening a can with a traditional can opener. Its hands-free operation reduces the struggle for children, the elderly and others with weak hands who find it difficult to turn manual can opener knobs. The one touch button makes the opener a useful kitchen aid for people with hemiparesis after a stroke and amputees. Plus, it doesn’t leave any sharp edges, making it a safe choice for all users. 

This can opener is easy to operate. Place it on the lid and press the button. The opener will walk itself around the can and switch off automatically. If the can’s diameter is greater than 3.5”, press the button again to finish cutting the lid. Then lift the device to easily remove the can’s lid after it’s been opened. No more twisting and pulling, it’s that easy!

The small can opener is also convenient. It’s only 6-½” x 2-½” for easy storage when not in use. Battery operation means there aren’t any messy, tangled cords on the counter like an electric can opener. Remove the batteries and wipe the cutter with a damp cloth for easy cleaning. Save time during meal preparation with the handy One Touch Can Opener.  See the video at the bottom.

When you are finished eating and you are watching television before bedtime, you can exercise your weak hand with our new Hand Helper II & Deluxe Hand Helper Exercisers.  The Hand Helper II and Deluxe Hand Helper Exercisers are effective and reliable for hand rehabilitation. The design is lightweight and versatile for combing comfort, form, and function in one exerciser. The Deluxe model has two thump screws for fine adjusting range of movement. The padded grip revolves easily to eliminate friction. The rigid plastic will not bend or break.  Comes in 3 colors, WHITE, GREEN or PINK.

 ECONOMY ONE HAND NAIL CAREKnorkDeluxe one handed Paring BoardHand Helper II & Deluxe Hand Helper ExercisersONE HANDED NAIL CLIPPER / TRIMMER.Rocker Knife with Solid HandleThe One Touch Can Opener



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