JGH Rehab are having a Stroke Survivor Christmas Basket Giveaway.

Christmas Basket Includes:

1- KNORK Knork – JGH Rehab Offers the user independence by being able to cut through food easily, with one hand.

1- ROCKER KNIFE Rocker Knife with Solid Handle – JGH Rehab When cutting through meat, chicken, or other more solid food, the Rocker Knife offers independent dining for someone with a weak hand.

1- ONE HANDED PARING BOARD Deluxe one handed Paring Board – JGH Rehab This allows the user to prepare meals easily, by holding the food in one place, while slicing or dicing. 

1- ONE HANDED FUNCTIONAL TOOL One handed 23 function Tool. – JGH Rehab Simple tool that can be used with one hand, to tighten those screws or bolts that become loose.  Stainless Steel Construction.

1- ZIPPER BUTTON PULLER Zipper and Button Puller – JGH Rehab Pull up the zipper on your own pants, or button your shirt with this compact tool. 

1- WIRELESS CELL PHONE CHARGER Wireless Phone Charger – JGH Rehab Never worry about trying to fit the charging wire into your cell phone again.  Simply plug into the outlet next to the nightstand, place your cell phone on top of the pad, and wake up with a fully charged phone!

1- PAIR OF VOXX HPT SOCKS Voxx Life Socks, Insoles, eSmartr sleeve, Patches. – JGH Rehab.  Experience the new felt Balance from the HPT  (Human Performance Technology) VOXX LIFE Socks

1- PAIR OF VOXX LIFE HPT INSOLES Voxx Classic Insole – JGH Rehab Increase your Balance and Stamina with the HPT VOXX LIFE Insoles

Total Package Retails for OVER $250.00

To enter your name in the Draw, simply go to JGH Rehab and click Enter the Christmas Draw Here at the top of the first / Home page.  We need your name, email address and phone number, at the   Draw will take place on December 24th, and the package will ship out on December 29th, 2021.

One entry per person, and GOOD LUCK!!