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Deluxe one handed Paring Board

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The goal of the Deluxe One-Handed Paring Board is to make cutting, stirring, slicing, and grating all one-handed operations. The handy kitchen aid makes it easy to prepare meals using one hand. You can use it to cut up fruits, vegetables, meat, and more.

The plastic cutting board has prongs to hold food for slicing. It also has a vise that can hold bowls for mixing and stirring, boxes or jars while opening them, and food for slicing or grating. Four suction feet secure the board to the user's work surface so it won’t move while in use. All these things combined make it possible to do all of your kitchen tasks with the use of one hand.

This one-handed paring board is helpful for people with hemiparesis after a stroke, ABI / TBI or clients living with MS or ALS. 

It is also a useful assistive device for people with upper extremity amputations or anyone who needs extra help while preparing food in the kitchen. It can also serve as a solution for people who have broken with arm or wrist and need to wear a cast. Use the board for independent cooking prep.