First Camping Trip of the Season

Our First Camping Trip of the season.

Well, we had our first camping trip of the 2023 season.  If you remember, last year we purchased a 10 man tent, sleeping cots, air mattress, camping stove, lights, and all things camping, and I wrote about our experience here. Stroke Recovery, Going Outside of the Box – JGH Rehab.  

Now going camping post stroke, or in my case strokes, is definitely Going Outside of the Box.


The first thing that you really need is a partner, or in my case, my wife Jane, who is willing to do all the heavy lifting, by packing all of our gear in the car, unloading all of our gear at the campsite, put up the tent with minimal help, and even putting up a tent for our Golden Retriever, Hunter, who insist on going everywhere we go.  We left Sylvester, our teenage cat, at home because Jane thought it might be to hot for him.  

Then once the camping experience is over, Jane has to do everything in reverse, with me helping where I can.

We went for two nights, three days, cooking our meals, having campfires at night, and enjoying the Great Outdoors!!

One of the main reasons that I am writing this, is because I am now 7 years post strokes, and new stroke survivors always ask me, how long will I continue to improve?  Now, from my experience, you will continue to improve, as long as you keep trying to improve.  Your recovery stops, on the day you stop trying to recover.  I could do much more this year to help Jane, then I could do last year, and felt much more comfortable doing it.  Seven years ago today, I was in a coma following my second stroke, and given little to no hope from medical experts of ever leaving Long Term Care.

Winter Landscape Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures 

I spend all of those cold snowy, wet winter days, doing rehab, Range Of Motion exercises, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, along with all the same exercise programs I was given while at Rehab.  I also have been blessed to have all of the Greatest Rehab Tools at my disposal. 

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I do all this because I dream of going camping, Fishing, Bear hunting, and visiting my Grandchildren in Newfoundland during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Rehab, is now a necessary evil, if I want to continue to enjoy all these things, which is a price that I am willing to pay.  I have rehab goals that I set to accomplish each and every day, because without goals, dreams will remain dreams.

During the Spring Summer and Fall, I still continue with my Rehab, but include walking 5 kilometers a day, weather permitting.  Like I said many times before, it's my new normal.

Just because you suffer a Brain injury such as a stroke, doesn't mean that your life is over.  It just means that you may have to work a little harder, modify your approach, be patient, and practice, practice, practice, or repetition, repetition, repetition. Most importantly, Never give up.

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