Getting my Driver's License back 5 years Post Strokes

Well, 5 years ago, I suffered my two Strokes, and lost my Driving privileges' in Ontario Canada.  After leaving Rehab, I went to see my Optometrist, who, after my Eye examination, blurted out, "You will never Drive a vehicle again".  I guess when he seen the look on my face, he said, "oh, you didn't know?"

My wife Jane, who was in the room immediately said, "I don't believe that.  The Doctors said you shouldn't be here, but here you are.  They said you wouldn't walk again, but here you are walking, and getting stronger everyday.  I believe that you will Drive again."  

We never went back to that Optometrist again.

Last month, we went to see my Low Vision Specialist Doctor at the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind), and he informed me that I am ready to start the lengthy process on getting my Driver's License back.  He will now sign off on the vision portion, my Neurologist, who also needs to sign the Medical portion of the form, is also ready to sign off. 

So it begins.

I have placed the Service Ontario Class G (G1 / G2) Vision Waiver Package PDF Downloadable Form on my website at  I will also be doing a step by step Blog on the whole process, giving tips, the do's and do not's, cost breakdown etc...  You can find this Blog on my website under Learn More, in the top left hand corner on the Home Page.

My first appointment to start this process is on Thursday May 23rd. 

If you live in Ontario, and you want to get accessed by Dr. Markowitz, at the CNIB, all you need is a referral from your physician, Optometrist,  OT or PT.  I have placed his contact information on my website as well.

The assessment / appointment at the CNIB, is free. 

Good Luck, they are great people, and are there to help you!