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The SaeboFlex:

Today, we are going to focus on the SaeboFlex.

The SaeboFlex allows individuals suffering from neurological impairments, such as stroke, the ability to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home. These unique orthoses position the wrist and fingers into extension in preparation for object manipulation. The user is able to grasp objects by voluntarily flexing his or her fingers. Once the fingers relax (stop gripping), the extension spring system assists in re-opening the hand to release the object.  Watch the videos below, to see the potential of this device!

(1) SaeboFlex Patient Video Example - YouTube

(1) University of Missouri Working With The SaeboFlex - YouTube

See the source imageSee the source image

Did you know that the SaeboFlex is on permanent public display at the London Science Museum.  Saebo's flagship product, the SaeboFlex, is now included in the newly created Medicine Wellcome Galleries revealing break-through medical treatment innovations spanning the last 500 years. 

Watch the video below, as Saebo Co-Founder Henry Hoffman, proudly, explains the history of this revolutionary device.

(1) SaeboFlex Hand Therapy Device on Display at London Science Museum - YouTube

Saebo, are so focused on client success / satisfaction, that they have a strict purchase policy as seen here:

It isn't just about the sale with Saebo.  They want to set you up for success, with a "Rehab, one patient at a time" approach, which, is exactly what this industry needs.

They even offer a "30-day risk-free trial". 

Check to see if it is available in your area at:

JGH Rehab, if you live in Canada

Recover From Your Stroke With Saebo | Saebo, if you live in the USA or

 Saebo UK, if you live in the United Kingdom 

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