Rehab. Why do we do it? Are you a Rehab Addict?

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Rehab Addict:

Are you a Rehab Addict?  Recently, I had to ask myself this question.  Most people here, know me and my story, but in case you do not, here it is.  Feel Good Friday, Stroke Recovery Story Week Three – JGH Rehab.

I have been Blessed recently, to return to a sport I love dearly.  Hunting.  Now some may think that this is cruel, and you are entitled to your opinion, but I consume what I harvest, so think about that before you judge me.  Now I am unable to do this without a lot of help and support from my family and friends, and I sincerely appreciate their commitment to my passion.

Earlier this Fall, my son came up from Newfoundland to join me in a Fall Bear Hunt, at my cousin's lodge in Northern Ontario.  We were not successful in harvesting a bear, but we had a great trip in the outdoors, and I am already looking forward to next season.

In the past couple of weeks, I managed to convince Jane to set up my Deer Ground Blind, clear a shooting lane with our mini chainsaw, bait the site with a Deer Lick, Apples, and Deer Feed, then set up our SpyPoint Cellular Trail Camera, in an effort to get out Deer Hunting this season.  It still amazes me that she goes through all of this trouble for me. 

My nephew flew up from Newfoundland last week for an appointment, and agreed to stay for a couple of days to go Deer Hunting with me. 

Now that doesn't amaze me because he loves hunting more than I do, and prestroke, I would take him hunting and fishing back in Newfoundland.

So, since hunting season has started this fall, I have cut back on the amount of daily rehab I perform.  I was feeling guilty about that, until I realized something. I am walking in the woods, over very uneven ground, with roots, stumps, rocks, and I am forced to navigate this in the dark, with only a light on my hat to light the path.  Get in and out of the Ground Blind through a small opening, requiring me to bend down and twist just to avoid falling.  Then watch and listen intently for a deer to come into range, which is essentially a 20-22 yard shooting distance.   This is the very thing that I have been striving for since my Strokes back in 2016.  It has been a long hard road, but it is so worth it!! 


The Deer season ends on December 31st, and to date this is all I have been able to capture on my Trail Camera.  A Wildlife Officer, who was inspecting the area, whom I later contacted to ensure that I was following all of the required regulations, which I was, a dog, and a Doe, a female deer.  I have a license for a Buck or male deer, but where there is a female, a male is not far away, so now it turns into a waiting game.

 Once Deer season is over, I will be starting my Winter Rehab Program.  My winter program will consist of getting re-assessed by a Registered Physical Therapist, who will design a new Exercise Program to help me get to the next level of my recovery.  This is important, because they can give you small simple exercises that will improve your overall movement.  They will see the little things that you cannot.  I will complete these exercises before my morning shower.

Then, I will spend up to 5 minutes on my Platform Wedge.  The Wedge will help stretch my calf muscles, tendons in my ankle, along with my Achilles Tendon, which is critical in walking with the proper gait.

Wii Sports Screenshots, Pictures, Wallpapers - Wii - IGNWii SportsNintendo Wii Balance Board. A: Picture of balance board. B: Screen shot ...

Sometime through the day, I will play Wii Sports & use the Balance Board for weight shifting, hand-eye coordination and center of gravity training.  I usually try and do 30-45 minutes a day.

Then I will complete 30-40 minutes on my Ex n Flex 250, half of the time on forward, and half of the on reverse, which is key.

I will then do a 30 minute session with my SaeboStim Spa.

SaeboFlex - Complete Neuro Physio | Birmingham & West Midlands

I will also try and spend 30 minutes using the SaeboFlex, transferring 4" Poof Balls from one basket to another.

Sunny Health & Fitness Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Treadmill | Health ...

A friend of mine is moving and offered me her Treadmill, which I really need.  It's pink but who cares.  I will try and walk 30-45 minutes a day on this.  Since it will be in the garage, next to my work desk, it shouldn't be a problem.


SaeboStim Pro • IntramedicSaeboStim One – Lyncare

After dinner, while watching Television, I will do 2-3 hours of Electrical Muscle Stimulation, using the SaeboStim Pro, and SaeboStim One at the same time, for my Shoulder Forearm, Wrist and Fingers.  The EMS does three main things.  helps maintain your Range Of Motion, aids in Muscle Re-education, and helps reduce your Spasticity.

As I look back through this post, I just realized something.  I am defiantly a REHAB ADDICT!!

But, if I want to continue to improve, and keep doing the things I love, such as hunting, camping, or simply enjoy the simple things in life that most people take for granted, I had better be a Rehab Addict, because Motion is Lotion, and if you Don't use it, you Lose it!!

 So, if you recently suffered a life altering injury, and think you will never get back to what you love to do, never say never. You may have to modify things a little, or a lot, exercise plenty, and it is hard work, but worth it in the end.  At least it is for me because if I have a Pulse, I have a Purpose.

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