The Will to Win vs the Will to Prepare to Win


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Is that a typo?  Cheap recovery tools?  People think that recovery consist of expensive equipment, gym registration, or costly Physical Therapy.  Now, there are in my opinion some key recovery tools you need to purchase when you suffer a Neurological injury, or condition such as a Stroke, ABI or TBI.  For starters, the  SaeboStretch, for your affected arm, wrist and fingers, don't cheap out here with a device found on Amazon.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love Amazon, but not for Medical Equipment, where my future is at stake.  I will leave that to the Professionals.  The SaeboStep for your Foot Drop, and a good EMS Device like the SaeboStim Pro, or Phase 5.  Plus getting assessed and working with a good Physical Therapist is important as well, if you have the financial resources or Medical Coverage to do so.  But for most of us, the Cheap, Easy, and Practical recovery tools are far more assessible.  What am I talking about?  Keep reading.

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Do you know that it should take an average healthy adult 5 minutes to complete a 24 Piece Children's Puzzle.  When I finished my 10 week Inpatient Stroke Rehab and 12 week Outpatient Rehab, I was shocked that it would take me nearly 3 hours to complete those 24 piece Children's Puzzles, and don't get me started on the Word Search Puzzles.  But I would practice for hours a day on those puzzles, until I could complete them in 5 minutes or less.  Then I would turn them sideways or upside down, just to change things up.  The Word Search Puzzles taught me how to scan the page, which helped with my Left Side Neglect.  I suggest that you get a Word Search Large Print Puzzle Book, and start with one per day, and record at the top of each page how long it took you to find all the words.  This will enable you to track your progress week to week.  You are going to know how to scan when you get back out into the real world.  Now, Playing Cards with an impaired hand, is a bit of a challenge, but I found a solution to that.  Card Holders, a Battery Operated Shuffler, and Water Proof Playing Cards.  Playing card games such as Crazy 8's or Cribbage, will help with your math skills.

You see Recovery comes in all shapes and forms, and all aspects are equally important in their own little way.  So get your essential devices to help protect you from falling, getting contractures, or lose your Range Of Motion.  Those are important, so don't cheap out.  I have the links below for those depending on where you live.  But for the other things, go to your local Dollar Store or Walmart, and get the Cheap, Easy and Practical tools.  You will be surprised how quickly you will improve, but it takes time. 

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Everyone who suffers a Stroke, ABI, or TBI have the WILL to WIN, or BEAT the Condition, but very few have the WILL to PREPARE to WIN.  These countless hours of doing the same exercises, puzzles, games is what Prepares us for the WIN.  There isn't a Medical Professional on the planet, who can tell you what you will, or what you will not get back in your Recovery.  But take it from me, your Recovery will only stop the minute you stop trying to Recover.  So never, never stop trying.   




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