SaeboStim Spa

What is the SaeboStim Spa?

The SaeboStim Spa provides extremely safe, low-level electrical stimulation designed to reduce spasticity, improve sensation, minimize muscle weakness, improve function, re-educate and strengthen weakened muscles, and decrease pain. The device works by submerging the involved foot or hand, along with the associated rubber electrodes, into the water for a 30-minute stimulation session. The SaeboStim Spa provides circumferential “under water” nerve stimulation that is consistent, comfortable and evenly distributed throughout the affected area. This form of stimulation surrounds the targeted tissue with a soothing and uniform level of current that treats the underlying conditions.

SaeboStim Spa

Aquatic Nerve Stimulation.

One Device. Multiple Conditions. In addition to providing low-level sensory electrical stimulation for clients suffering from stroke and other neurological injuries, the SaeboStim Spa’s specialized waveforms provides treatment for additional conditions including peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain disorders. This breakthrough device can calm the nerves and increase blood flow which allows the nerve cells the potential to recover.

SaeboStim Spa Features

Now, when I first heard about this device, I went "what's that now?  Put my feet in water with Electrical Current?  I was hesitant."  But being a Stroke Survivor myself, and willing to try anything that might aid in my recovery, I sent a friend of mine an email.  Can you order one of these for me please?  He did one better, he sent me one for free.  When it arrived, it sat in the corner for a day or two, but then I couldn't resist.  I gave it a whirl.  

Following the instructions, I filled it with warm water, to a level just above my ankles, or so I estimated.  I then added in a spoonful of Epson Salt to each side, and stirred the water to dissolve the salt.  Apparently, the Epson Salts help conduct the electric current.  

SaeboStim Spa Epsom Salt

I then, as per the enclosed instructions, added an Effervescent Tablet to each side.  Effervescent tablets are designed to release carbon dioxide upon contact with water, promoting their disintegration. Within a couple of minutes the tablets completely dissolve and the drug becomes available in solution. The generation of carbon dioxide is a result of the chemical reaction that occurs between a carbonate or bicarbonate salt.

SaeboStim Spa Effervescent Tablets

I then connected the Lead wires to the Control Module, one red and one black.  Further following the enclosed instructions, I connected the electrodes.  Since my Stroke affected my left side, I placed the red electrode, which was attached to the lead wire, in the water on the left side.  I then repeated the same procedure for the second electrode, connecting it to the black lead wire, and placed it into the right side.   I now had both electrodes, connected to the lead wires and completely submerged in the water.  The red one on the left and the black electrode on the right.  

SaeboStim SpaSaeboStim SpaSaeboStim Spa Replacement Lead WiresSaeboStim Spa Replacement ElectrodesSaeboStim Spa

The Control Module is really simple to operate. I turned on the unit by pushing the button, on the top right hand side of the Module, then  choosing what I wanted to stimulate, Hands or Feet.  I selected Feet, and put my feet in the spa, being careful not to touch my feet on the electrodes.  Then I realized I needed a little more water, because you really want the water to completely cover your feet and ankles. 

I had a bottle of warm water nearby just in case it wasn't enough, so I added the water, that completely submerged my feet and ankles.   I simply pushed the "up" arrow on the face of the Module, which is a touch screen, and immediately felt the electrical stimulation on my feet.  It really felt weird at first, but as I started to relax, I increased the intensity to 10.  The module goes through different stages of Stimulations, until the 30 minute cycle is complete.  I am accustomed to 3-6 hours of Electrical Stimulation per day, on different parts of my Stroke affected side, so I went and completed another 30 minute Spa session.


My immediate reaction to the Spa session, was that my ankle and foot were extremely loose, and moved very freely.  If you ever had Spasticity in your ankle or foot caused by a Stroke, or other Neurological injury, you understand how freeing this truly is!!  My walking, immediately improved, and I can't wait to see what several weeks of using the SaeboStim Spa will do!!  I will keep you posted, and follow us on TicTok, for updates on this and other exciting products we have in stock to enhance your recovery.

I have now incorporated this into my Home Rehab Program, and will use it for both my feet and hands, one hour for my feet and one hour for my hands, while watching Television in the evening / night, before bedtime.

I will be documenting my progress in the coming weeks / months in future blogs, and even with pictures / videos on TicTok under JGHRehab.