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SaeboStim Spa Product update:

SaeboStim Spa

I started using the SaeboStim Spa on Monday February 21st, 2022, for 2 / 30 minute sessions on my feet. 

Over the past 8 days, here is the process or setup I found that works best for me.

See the source imageSee the source imageSaeboStim Spa Epsom SaltSaeboStim Spa Effervescent TabletsSee the source image

I use approximately 1 US gallon or 3.8 liters of warm water on each side of the SaeboStim Spa.  This will submerge my foot and ankle completely, on each side.  With this amount of water, I discovered that one heaping tablespoon of Epson Salts, stirred in on each  side works great in conducting the electric current.  Of course I then added in an Effervescent Tablet on each side, then another quick stir, to complete the set up. 

SaeboStim Spa Replacement Lead WiresSaeboStim Spa Replacement Electrodes

Now for the technical side, I insert both lead wires into the console ( it doesn't matter which one goes in first or which side they go on ).  Then I put an electrode on the end of each lead wire.  The end of the lead wires are Red and Black, and again it doesn't matter, what electrode goes on which lead wire.


Here is the important part, I place the Red tip lead wire, which is attached to the electrode in left side of the SaeboStim Spa, because that is my Stroke affected side, ensuring that the electrode is completely submerged in water, and not touching my foot.  I then place the Black tip lead wire, which is attached to the second electrode, on the right side of the SaeboStim Spa, ensuring that it is also completely submerged in water, and not touching my foot.  

Now I am ready to start.  The console has the power button on the top right hand side of the console.  Push the button, and hold it for a second, which will power up the console.  There is only one 30 minute program, that automatically comes on.  Then you select either Hands or Feet, with the two large arrows on the touchscreen ( whatever you select will turn black and show in brackets on the screen ). Both the Hand and Feet programs cycle through different levels or types of stimulation. 

I turn up the intensity to 10 for the first session, but that depends on the individuals tolerance level.  My second session, I turn the intensity up to 15-17.  If you turn up the intensity and it seems to high for you, simply touch the down arrow and find a comfortable level for you.


It is now March 1st, 2022, and I have used my SaeboStim Spa for 1 hour every day after dinner in the evening, so I have now used it for 8 days, so that is a total of 8 hours of SaeboStim Spa treatment. 

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The result?  My foot and ankle are so loose and free from Spasticity, that I am having to adjust my walking pattern because my Stroke affected foot is flat on the floor when I stand or walk around.  This feels a little off because I have spent the past 5 years compensating for the Spasticity or stiffness in my ankle and foot, which has affected my overall posture.  It will take a little time for my brain to catch up, but with conscious, mindful movements, I believe that I can once again improve my gait, walking pattern and overall posture, which should put less stress on my hip and knees, as I get older. 

 I am looking for a large, deep plastic pail for my SaeboStim Spa sessions on my left hand / arm, because I want to be able to submerge my Stroke affected arm into the water up past my elbow.  I will be starting this process tonight. 

Image S-16970BLU_0See the source image

If you are able to maneuver your hand / wrist in a flat position, the SaeboStim Spa bucket will work just fine for you.  As for me, I will use the deep bucket.   

See the source imageImage S-16970BLU_0

Now this is only Day 9 today, and as mentioned in my last blog, I believe that this is most likely an ongoing treatment / maintenance issue that I will be incorporating into my daily routine, and as long as I continue to get the same results, I am good with that.  Thanks Saebo, for another great product!!

I will be doing another update once I get lefty's SaeboStim Spa sessions rolling. 

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