Stroke, It's a Progression

Stroke Survivor Ralph Preston / Stroke Buddies / Halifax Health, gives a very real life account of Stroke, including explaining the different types of Strokes, Prevention, and how Stroke Recovery is a Progression, Part 1.

In this Presentation, Ralph shares his experience with his Stroke Recovery over the past 13 years.  As Ralph alluded to in this Presentation, every Stroke is different, everyone's recovery is different, but a very important part of this story is the key to recovery is Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, Mass Practice, and how Plateauing is a myth, and how to work with your Physical Therapist to overcome Plateau's, and learn how to break through plateau barriers.       

A Great Presentation, and something every Stroke Survivor can relate too, and highly recommended for new, young, or Newbies to Stroke and Stroke recovery 

Stroke Buddies / Halifax Health, It's a Progression, Part I, Ralph Preston - YouTube