We are always looking for Products / Devices, that will not only help you at Rehab, but also offer you a sense of Independence, while you are working towards your recovery. 

In our opinion, there are some absolute must have Post Stroke devices, such as the SAEBOSTRETCH, SAEBOSTEP, and a good Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device, or EMS or even better, an Advanced Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation System, such as the SaeboStim Pro, which unfortunately is not available in Canada.  However, that is why we carry the Phase 5 TENS / EMS Combo.

All of these devices will help protect you from Soft Tissue Shortening, Contractures, Joint damage, including the shortening of tendons plus reduce Spasticity while you are working on getting movement back or regaining control of your muscles again.  They are not magic devices that, once you use it, you will instantly get back to normal.  Unfortunately, you cannot buy that.

I can sell you an Estwing Hammer, one of the best hammers on the market, but just because you buy that, doesn't mean you will now know how to build a house.  That takes years of Practice, Practice, Practice

So, all the tools you purchase for rehab, are just that, tools.  You have to Practice Practice, Practice using those tools for your Brain to re-learn, or rewire itself, so that you can improve. 

Improvement will never stop as long as you keep trying to improve. 

I am 5 years Post Strokes, and I have a WalkaideWalkAide System 3D Illustration - YouTube, to help me walk, I am wearing a SaeboStep SaeboStep Foot Drop Brace. Walk Smarter. - YouTube right now, because I have a cut on my leg where my Walkaide straps on.  I wear my SaeboStretch New and Improved SaeboStretch - YouTube to protect my hand, wrist and fingers while I sleep, and I have three(3) EMS SaeboStim Pro Unboxing Video - YouTube  devices that I use, everyday.  I also own a SaeboGlove,Introducing the SaeboGlove - A lightweight, low-profile hand recovery glove for stroke survivors - YouTube SaeboFlex,SaeboFlex Patient Video Example - YouTube SaeboGlide,Introducing the SaeboGlide - YouTube an Ex n' Flex 250,Ex N' Flex EF-250 Leg.wmv - YouTube Nintendo DS,Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day Nintendo DS - YouTube Nintendo Wii,Wii Sports Nintendo Wii Trailer - E3 2006 Trailer - YouTube Recumbent Bike,Beginner's Guide: Recumbent Bike - YouTube and I am now looking for a good Treadmill,20 Min Interval Walking Treadmill Workout for Beginners - YouTube so I can walk in the Fall Winter and Spring months at my leisure. 

If I am not doing Rehab, I'm thinking about Rehab, or ways to make things easier, or re-gaining more Independence.

Stroke Recovery isn't easy or cheap, and the more tools you have in your Toolbox, the better chance you give yourself to recover.  Change your Rehab routine with the seasons, if you don't, you may Plateau, and most importantly, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition, or Practice, Practice, Practice. 

Like Usain Bolt said," I trained 4 years to run 9 seconds, and people give up when they don't see results in 2 months".  Basically sums up Stroke Recovery in one sentence. 

Movement means Improvement.  But you really need to focus on doing things the correct way, like walking.  Swinging your leg, or leaning forward while walking lead to a whole new list of issues.  There is a difference in Walking, and Walking correctly with good Posture.  If you walk correctly, you will have good posture, which should help you to put less stress on the joints, muscles or tendons in your body, that could lead to problems down the road.