The SaeboGlove

What is the SaeboGlove?

The SaeboGlove is a cutting edge, low-profile functional glove that assists with thumb and finger extension for clients with neurologic and orthopedic impairments. It has an innovative design that features a spiral forearm splint that secures the wrist in a functional position. 

Who would benefit from using the SaeboGlove?

The SaeboGlove is designed for both individuals that have experienced a neurological injury such as stroke as well as orthopedic injuries such as radial nerve palsy, and people living with MS, ABI or TBI.

Users that demonstrate arm and hand weakness (wrist drop/unable to open hand) and are unable to use their hand to perform everyday tasks are great candidates for this device.

How does the SaeboGlove help Stroke Clients

Normally, clients that have suffered a neurological injury such as stroke are unable to open or extend their fingers and their hand often is in a clenched or closed position. The Saebo Glove assists with hand opening and closing (grasping and releasing).


What sort of things can you do with a SaeboGlove?

A sample Saebo session may consist of various hand and arm activities and exercises that challenge the affected side. Often times, with the help of the Saebo splint commonly know as the SaeboStretch – JGH Rehab, and regular Electrical Muscle Stimulation,Phase-5 TENS + EMS Combo – JGH Rehab, to help reduce spasticity, and increase ROM in the hand, wrist and fingers, the client should be able to immediately (on day 1) use his or her impaired hand to grasp and release objects for the very first time.

Can I wear the SaeboGlove to help do things I do around the house?

That's the great thing about the SaeboGlove, it places the hand in a functional position, which allows the client to do things that they would normally not be able to accomplish without the SaeboGlove on.  So it is ongoing therapy, and encourages the client to do more, which offers independence.  The goal is that with time and practice, the client makes the connection through Neuroplasticity, and regain use of the affected arm, hand and fingers. 

Check out this video below, to see the possibilities of the SaeboGlove.

SaeboGlove Before and After - Look at the difference! - YouTube

How do I know if the SaeboGlove is right for me?

If you have little or no Spasticity / Tone in your affected hand or finger flexors, the SaeboGlove is best for you.

How do I determine what size I need?

To determine the correct size, you need 4 measurements as shown here, check out the video below.  Click on the picture to find the video on how to correctly measure, to ensure a proper fit.

SaeboGlove – JGH Rehab

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