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Here is something that we wish we knew prior to my Strokes.  There are at least three Devices that every Stroke Survivor needs, as soon as possible post stroke. 

SaeboStep | Disabled AdvisorSaeboStretch Hand Splint - Right / Left | Active Forever


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NEW and IMPROVED SaeboStep. – JGH Rehab

Almost all stroke survivors suffer some degree of foot drop.  The SaeboStep, is a one size fits all, fully adjustable, can be worn with all types of footwear, and most importantly, with the new design, can be donned using only one hand!!


SaeboStretch Hand Splint - Right / Left | Active Forever

SaeboStretch – JGH Rehab

If you don't know what Spasticity is, you will if you suffer a stroke.  Spasticity is generally caused by damage or disruption to the area of the brain and spinal cord that are responsible for controlling muscle and stretch reflexes. These disruptions can be due to an imbalance in the inhibitory and excitatory signals sent to the muscles, causing them to lock in place. Spasticity can be harmful to growing children as it can affect muscles and joints. People with brain injury, such as a stroke, spinal cord injurycerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis can have varying degrees of spasticity.  

Spasticity can be extremely harmful to muscles and tendons, causing them to shorten, twist, and especially deform joints in the affected arm, wrist and fingers.  The best device to combat this is the SaeboStretch – JGH Rehab.  

 The revolutionary SaeboStretch dynamic resting hand splint helps neurologically-impaired clients maintain or improve motion while minimizing joint damage and pain.  Saebo’s energy-storing technology allows individuals suffering from spasticity to stretch comfortably and safely resulting in increased motivation and compliance.  The SaeboStretch includes three interchangeable dynamic handpieces that can accommodate various levels of Spasticity.  


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Phase-5 TENS + EMS Combo – JGH Rehab  

SaeboStim Pro I Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation | Stroke Recovery

SaeboStim Pro | Saebo UK

Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, does three main things that all Stroke Survivors need.

a. Maintain Range of Motion in muscles, joints and tendons.

b. Aid in muscle re-education.

c. Reduce Spasticity.

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These three products are just the start of your new journey, but they are very important pieces of your recovery puzzle.  Most Stroke Survivor's Recovery Journey is different, but these three simple and essential tools, will give you the solid foundation, that will allow you to recover to the best new version of you. 

We believe that these three devices are so important in your recovery, we will give you 15% off each of these items, until February 28th, 2023 11:59 pm.  Simply use coupon code TOP3/15OFF at checkout, at JGH Rehabilitation & Consulting Services Ltd.

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