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Electric Nail Trimmer

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1. This electric nail clipper is perfectly safe to use, providing a worry-free experience, and is ideal for use by the elderly, children, infants, and babies.
2. This handy tool not only clips your nails but also smoothens them, eliminating the need for further filing, making it super easy to use.
3. The ultra-quiet motor ensures you can trim your baby's nails while they're sleeping without waking them up.
4. The automatic nail clipper collects nail fragments during clipping, preventing them from flying off and causing a mess.
5. With its specially designed shape, this nail clipper fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for easy and comfortable grip, which can be operated with one hand.

- Material: ABS
- Color: Black, or Red
- Suitable for: All People, especially useful for people with limited hand function due to Stroke, ABI, TBI.  Offers independence for disabled individuals.
- Product Size: 9*7*2.5CM
- Package Size: 10.5*10.5*4.5CM

Package List:
- 1 * Nail Clipper
- 1 * USB Cable