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One Handed Contact Lens Assistive Device

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This is our new Assistive Device, that allow clients, to put in their own contact lenses using only one hand. Simply stick the device on top of your bathroom vanity, slide the contact lens package in the slots shown, pull back the tab, take out the contact lens using the tip of your index finger, slide the lens off your index finger onto the top of the post. The contact lens, should now be the correct position, so slide the lens off the post, back onto your index finger, into your eye. It takes a little practice, but I use this device everyday to put in my own contact lenses in my own eyes, unassisted. First time, since my Strokes in 2016. Great device for clients working on getting their mobility back following a Stroke, ABI or TBI. Sometimes we have to think outside the box to regain our independence, following a life changing event. We will be posting an actual video in the coming weeks.