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Bird & Cronin P.F.S. Stretch Night Splint

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Designed to apply consistent stretch to plantar fascia ligament and Achilles tendon

Holds foot in gentle dorsiflexion to prevent tightening of ligament and tendon

Lightweight shell with removable soft padded liner for all night comfort

Adjustable bilateral dorsiflexion straps allow customization of stretch

Padded adjustable straps with quick release buckles for easy application and removal

Optional removable foam wedge insert lifts forefoot for an additional 5° of stretch

Fits either the Right or Left Foot

This Device is also great for clients suffering from Foot Drop.  When you sleep, your toes

will automatically point down, which will make your foot drop more severe.  


I wore the PFS Night Splint while at Toronto Inpatient Rehab.  This splint will help you maintain great Range Of Motion in your foot and ankle, which will make walking much easier once you get movement back, or while wearing a foot drop brace like the SaeboStep.