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The Stopacramp strap is better than Hylands, Old Amish formula and Pickle Juice! The Stopacramp strap works in seconds and is your last stop and last money spent leg cramp relief!

Great for NOCTURNAL LEG CRAMP RELIEF.  If you are frustrated because your cramp wakes you up in the middle of the night, we have the solution!

New cutting edge technology not available until the invention of the Stopacramp strap. The Stopacramp strap is the safest, most convenient and effective treatment for leg cramps unlike online treatments, drinks, vitamins, creams or patches!!!

And the most economical way for total relief of your  leg cramps for good with a full money back guarantee!!!!

Stopacramp Straps treat the reason you have leg and foot cramps.

The Stopacramp strap is simple and lasts for years and you can stop wasting money month after month in a search for an elusive cure  for your leg cramps.

The Stopacramp strap for leg cramps is the safest way for pregnant women to get positive relief from painful leg cramps when you already have too much going on

Watch your toes the next time a cramp occurs, the second or third toe will vibrate or move out of line with the other two toes as a cramp starts. Do you grab their toes or push them against whatever is handy? Stretching may stop your cramp, maybe. Stopacramp keeps your toes in line which will prevents the cramp trigger before leg cramp trauma can start anytime night or day. The next time you get a leg cramp in the middle of the night try this. Hang on to a wall and stand on the foot of the leg that is cramping. With your other foot press down on the big, second and third toe of the foot that has the leg cramp. To your amazement you will find the cramp will stop right then and there. This is the principle the Stopacramp strap works on and why the Stopacramp Strap will work for you!

To apply the Strap

Stand with your feet flat on the floor FASTEN THE STOPACRAMP STRAP SNUGGLY as you see in the illustrations, BUT NOT TOO TIGHT otherwise the Stopacramp strap will not be comfortable or effective. You must make sure when applying the strap that the toes are in a line close to each other as they should be when standing on a flat surface. The Stopacramp strap MUST BE SNUG BUT NOT TOO TIGHT on the toes for it to function properly.

Should you get a cramp due to an awkward positioning of your leg or foot, place your foot on a flat surface or floor and push your toes flat on the floor. Your cramp will retreat as long as the Stopacramp strap is properly worn for your own condition.

The medium straps fit nine out of ten customers. If your purchase doesn’t fit you properly we will replace it with one that does. Free Shipping on some products. Maximum one pair of straps per order on products with free shipping.

If you are not fully satisfied we will guarantee a full money back refund including the cost to ship your purchase back to us.