Monday Motivational Magic

Monday Motivational Magic:

Today, we will focus on the SaeboGlove.  The SaeboGlove is a lightweight hand rehabilitation glove designed to help you improve mobility by incorporating hand therapy at home. 

Listen to Saebo Co-Founder Henry Hoffman, explain exactly how the SaeboGlove works, and why it works.

(8) Here's How the SaeboGlove Works - YouTube

The great feature of the SaeboGlove, is that it puts your wrist in a functional position, allowing the client to not only complete a daily exercise routine, but if sized correctly, can be worn comfortably throughout the day to help complete other basic daily activities around the house or garden, in an effort to avoid neglect of the affected limb through non-use.  

(8) SaeboGlove Helps Peripheral Neuropathy Patient Use His Hand Again - YouTube

The SaeboGlove, comes in a variety of sizes, and four measurements are required.  See the video below that best explains the process.  But it is important to get the sizing as accurate as possible.

(8) How to Measure Your Hand for the SaeboGlove - YouTube

The SaeboGlove works best when there is little to no tone or only mild Spasticity.  If a client experience moderate to severe Spasticity, they can opt for the SaeboFlex, which was featured here several weeks ago on Monday Motivational Magic – JGH Rehab.

There are numerous success stories from clients who have had great results from using the SaeboGlove.  I believe that time is critical, and the best results are found in clients who receive the SaeboGlove, as soon as possible, following an injury, or condition such as a Stroke, ABI or TBI, or other condition that limits hand function such as Radial Nerve Palsy.  Here are some videos that explain it better.

(8) SaeboGlove with Brachical Plexus injury - YouTube

(8) SaeboGlove Before and After - Look at the difference! - YouTube 


The SaeboGlove is a great tool, so the more you use it, the better it gets, or the better chance you have to get the results you want, so Repetition is the Key. You could or should, use Electrical Muscle Stimulation, the SaeboMAS or SaeboMas Mini, with the SaeboGlove, to optimize your results.

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The problem is that you don't need the SaeboGlove, until you need the SaeboGlove, so by the time you find out about the SaeboGlove, precious time has passed by.  

Saebo are doing everything possible to make sure that Hospitals, Clinics, Rehab Facilities, PT's, OT's are aware of these amazing products that are available for patients all over the world, through Internet Websites, Podcasts, and all Social Media Platforms, because in this case, what you don't know, can hurt you. So, if you are reading this, and one day, either you or a loved one, need one or several of these products, you know where to find us.  You can also pay it forward, and share it with your friends, just in case, because time is of the essence!!  

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