Friday's Finest

This has to be one of the coolest devices we ever designed.  Jane travels for work, and when she went away, I would have to wear my glasses, which was difficult because my glasses have progressive lenses, that don't quite fit right on my head since my craniotomy.  This made walking nearly impossible, not to mention navigating the stairs. 

We are all about Rehabilitation, but this tool will certainly help you regain some independence along the way.

This little device allows me to open the lens package, flip over the contact lens, and place it in my eye, with only one hand, without assistance.  I have been using this tool now for several months and have it down to less than 1 minute to put in my contacts lenses.  We designed this ourselves and have them available for purchase.  Watch the video on the link below.  You can also order direct from the link below.

One Handed Contact Lens Assistive Device – JGH Rehab 

Use coupon code CONTACTS at checkout and receive 25% off until December 1, 2022.  We will ship anywhere in North America.  Call us at 416-420-4052, to order over the phone.

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