JGH Rehabilitation and Consulting Services Ltd.

JGH Rehabilitation and Consulting Services Ltd:

Formally known as JGH Renovation and Construction Services, with the JGH standing for my full name, Jeffery Guy Harvey.  That was until May 2nd, 2016, when everything changed forever.  I suffered a Stroke, followed by a second Stroke two weeks later. 

There is a long story on my ongoing recovery, which can be simply summed up with, all of the Doctors, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or so-called experts, said that I would never recover, and was waiting to place me in a Long-Term Care Facility.  Getting reliable information on Stroke and Stroke recovery was a challenge for my then girlfriend, now wife Jane.  But being as resourceful as she is, she managed to find Saebo, while waiting for me to awaken from a 4 to 6- week coma, following my second Stroke. 

Long story short, Jane and I married on June 24th, 2017, one year after getting engaged in Continuing Care on June 24th, 2016.

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Episode 44: Guy and Jane Harvey | Eating Crow on Acast

Life After Strokes with Guy and Jane Harvey | No Plateau Podcast - Episode 2 - Bing video

 Our story has been featured on several podcast, so to get the full story, you can go there, and listen to Eating Crow Podcast Host Pete Durand and take a look at our personal story, or listen as Saebo CEO Pete Durand, and Saebo Co-Founder Henry Hoffman dig into the full story, on No Plateau Podcast, including how we changed JGH Renovation and Construction Services Ltd to JGH Rehabilitation and Consulting Services Ltd.

Intensive 2-Day Stroke Boot Camp Now Available - Saebo

Jane and I first met Henry Hoffman at a Saebo 2 Day Stroke Boot Camp, in South Carolina in the Fall of 2017.  This course is still being offered today.  Believe me when I say meeting Henry and Heidi at that Saebo Boot Camp was our huh huh moment when it comes to my stroke recovery and is why we are here today with JGH Rehab

If you ever have a chance to attend, it is well worth the investment!! 


Much has happened since then.  After we changed the company name, we became an Importer and Distributor of Medical Devices to Canada, being licensed under Health Canada with a valid MDEL, (Medical Device Establishment License), while stocking and selling all Saebo Class I devices right here in Ontario Canada. 

Since Saebo Electrical Stimulation Devices were not available in Canada, Why can't I buy this Electrical Stimulation Device in Canada? – JGH Rehab, we sourced out Electrical Muscle Stimulation Devices that were Health Canada Approved and readily available.  We now stock three different versions, at different price points.  We will even program them for our clients, at no extra cost.


We not only stock Rehab devices, but we also stock Assistive Devices to help you bridge the gap during your recovery, offering independence, without compromising recovery. 


We even design and develop Devices to help you.  I also use almost all of the Saebo Devices including most of the Assistive Devices, along with the one shown above. One Handed Contact Lens Assistive Device – JGH Rehab.  In case you're wondering, that is my Recovery WorkStation.  I, (Jane) wish it was always that neat and tidy.

To maximize your Recovery, it takes the correct tools, determination, support, repetition, and I believe, advice from someone who has been there, done that, can really prove to be a benefit.

If you are looking for cheap knock offs for your recovery, stick with Amazon, and good luck.

So, Canadian Owned and Operated, by a Canadian Stroke SurvivorHealth Canada Licensed, with a valid MDEL, and we stock what we sell right here in Ontario Canada.

If you live in Canada, and are serious about your recovery, you can visit us at JGH Rehabilitation & Consulting Services Ltd. 

Before I forget, JGH now stands for Jane & Guy Harvey

If you are a first-time client, Welcome, and email us at jghrehab2018@gmail.com and receive your coupon code within 12 hours to receive 15% off your first order, and once a JGH Rehab customer, you will receive a 10% Loyalty discount, on all future orders.  I also offer online or phone support to all our clients. 

Tried, Tested and True, we are here for you!!  

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